Essential Oils for Kids

Essential Oils Kids


10 Essential Oils for Kids – Please make sure to dilute essential oils in some type of carrier oil before applying topically. A good carrier oil most people have on hand is olive oil.  Almond oil is lightweight as well as sunflower.  Here is a great article ‘Guide to Diluting Essential Oils‘ to take a look at on proper dilution.  The rule of thumb is no more than a 3% essential oil mix for topical use. It’s always better to start at 1% and add more if need be especially with the sensitive skin most kids have. Topically apply to soles of the feet, reflexology points, inhalers, and location of the ailment.

This is a great chart from

Number 7 should be Citrus 🙂

Our Floral Waters are also great to use directly on the skin.  They are made by steam distilling and carry all the properties from the plant.  We have Rose, Lavender, Chamomile and Immortelle (also known as Helichrysum or Everlasting).

Have fun exploring all the uses for essential oils kids.

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