New Kids Skincare Line

Over the next few months Freda’s Potions will be releasing some new items for kids.  All of our products are natural and can be used on children but sometimes they just like to have their own products.  I can totally relate to that – growing up I always wanted my own stuff so my grandmother would make me miniature versions just for me.  The first two items for kids are:

Pretty Pretty PrincessPretty Pretty Princess is perfect for the little girl that wants to be a princess.  Smells amazing and it’s good for them!  No chemicals like in some spritzers and perfumes – this comes right from the rose.

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Monster Be Gone is just right for the little one that doesn’t want to sleep because of a monster under the bed.  Mist the lavender on the pillow and sheets and sleep will be

refreshing. Monster Be Gone

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Kids love participating and they also love to have their own things.  Put a smile on their face with something that’s great for their skin.




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